• n. 网;卷筒纸;蹼;织物;圈套
  • vt. 用网缠住;使中圈套
  • vi. 形成网

[ 过去式 webbed 过去分词 webbed 现在分词 webbing 复数 webs 第三人称单数 webs ]

web [ web ]
  • n.
    • an intricate network suggesting something that was formed by weaving or interweaving

      "the trees cast a delicate web of shadows over the lawn"

    • an intricate trap that entangles or ensnares its victim

      同义词: entanglement

    • the flattened weblike part of a feather consisting of a series of barbs on either side of the shaft

      同义词: vane

    • an interconnected system of things or people

      "tangled in a web of cloth"

      同义词: network

    • computer network consisting of a collection of internet sites that offer text and graphics and sound and animation resources through the hypertext transfer protocol

      同义词: World Wide Web WWW

    • a fabric (especially a fabric in the process of being woven)
    • membrane connecting the toes of some aquatic birds and mammals
  • v. construct or form a web, as if by weaving

    同义词: net