• vi. 尖叫;呼啸;发出尖锐刺耳的声音;令人触目惊心
  • vt. 尖声喊叫;大叫大嚷着要求
  • n. 尖叫声;尖锐刺耳的声音;极其滑稽可笑的人

[ 过去式 screamed 过去分词 screamed 现在分词 screaming 第三人称单数 screams ]

scream [ skri:m ]
  • n.
    • sharp piercing cry

      "her screaming attracted the neighbors"

      同义词: screaming shriek shrieking screech screeching

    • a high-pitched noise resembling a human cry

      "he heard the scream of the brakes"

      同义词: screech screeching shriek shrieking screaming

    • a joke that seems extremely funny

      同义词: belly laugh sidesplitter howler thigh-slapper wow riot

  • v.
    • utter a sudden loud cry

      同义词: shout shout out cry call yell holler hollo squall

    • utter or declare in a very loud voice

      同义词: yell

    • make a loud, piercing sound

      "Fighter planes are screaming through the skies"